Cast and Characters


Malcolm - Cathy's brother, and your classic shoot-first, ask-questions later kind of guy. He doesn't have much care for the world he's in, but when he gets into the thick of things, he's a mastermind. His text is orange. His main character is Naruto.

Cathy - A friend of the GM for years, loves gaming a great deal. She tends to play conservatively and finds that this leaves her in the dust compared to the others. Even so, the team couldn't ask for a better big sister. Her text is pink. Her main character is Sakura.

Jarrod - A co-worker of Wallace. He's new to role-playing, but as an aspiring novelist, he's happy to jump into it. He creates characters by the bucketload, with a huge family background. But if you try to inject something new into his ideas, you'd better get his express permission first. His text is blue. His main character is Sasuke.

Wallace - GM's roommate. Roughly 3-4 years older than him, and was the one who got the group into gaming from the beginning. Having passed the torch to the GM, he's back to playing with the group. He likes to build rather overpowered characters, and the GM tends to give him a pass more often than not. He needs a place to live after all. His text is green. His main character is Kakashi. His other characters include Rock Lee.

Shawn - Cathy's boyfriend. Took a break from gaming for a while, but was part of the Malcolm and Cathy's original group. He's very much go with the flow, but tends to notice the little things the others don't. His text is purple. His main character is Shikamaru. His other characters include the rest of Team 10.

GM - The leader of the group. New to GMing, he's in love with creating a world, but he knows he's a long way to go before he's good at it. He knows his friends have his back, but it doesn't change the fact that they're freaking impossible to live with. Shame he lives with one of them. His text is in gold speech balloons and boxes.