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30th Sep 2015, 8:00 AM in Zabuza Arc
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RandomRex6 30th Sep 2015, 8:00 AM edit delete
"Taking 20", for those unaware, refers to the choosing to forego dice rolls on skill checks and just take however much time it should take to just roll up a 20. This is traditionally used for tasks where the only penalty for failure is lost time.

As such, Story Time! Tell a story about Taking 20.

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Raxon 30th Sep 2015, 9:22 PM edit delete reply
I can get behind that!

And for story time, allow to tell you about when my illithid sex god bedded a princess. Using my 27 charisma(don't ask. I had to take some flaws)

So there I was, about to meet the princess. I cast a charisma buff on myself, and rolled a d20 for "first impression". Natural 20. DM said she was staring, completely blown away by my introduction. I asked if I could take 20 on a seduction check. He allowed it, and I proceeded as follows:

Ooohh, Iiiiii apppoooooolllloooogggiiiizzze. Iiiiii dddddddddiiiiiiiiiiidddddddnnnnnnnn't sssssseeeee yyyyyyooooouuu ttthhhheeeeeeeerrrreee. Yyyyyyooooooouuuuuurrrrrrrr bbbbbbeeeeeaaaauuuuuuttyyyyy mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuusssssssst hhhhhaaaaaaaavvvvvee bblllllliiiiiinnnnnnddddddeeeeeedddddd mmmmmmeeeeee."

That was the last time I was allowed to stretch six seconds of words into two minutes.

I still succeeded, and proceeded to coat her bed in the viscous mucus of our combined passion. Mostly mine, because octopus head.

Yes, this was the same illithid porn star who had a separate dex stat for his face.
Enyalius 1st Oct 2015, 1:23 AM edit delete reply
Thank you Raxon, once again your stories have left me both amazed and horrified...
Raxon 2nd Oct 2015, 1:02 AM edit delete reply
He also thought he was a perfectly ordinary human, a la octodad.
rem 1st Oct 2015, 9:06 AM edit delete reply
My group was playing an ancient greece campaign, we were before one of the great kings, and as citizens of a different city state that was in a cold war with his, our bard was given the task of creating a new epic poem, extolling the virtues of his lands (despite us knowing nothing about it other then who the ruler was, and what the propaganda from our homelands had to say).
if he wasn't happy we die.
I asked that we be given time to learn about his lands, whose borders had been sealed until we breached them.
this was rejected because
a) we did kinda break into his country, and
b) I was a minotaur so of course anything I had to say was suspect.

bard rolls a natural 1.

we are thrown into the dungeon.
as my character was the son of the minotaur of crete, I knew dungeons, and pass the GM a note.
note read that basically, because my suggestion of finding some friendlier way of approaching the borders then breaking through a wall had been rejected I was going to take my time (and a 20) to find us a way out. as a way of expressing my displeasure to the rest of the group (especially the know it all bard, who had the lowest int in the group)
my final result was somewhere in the high 30's - mid 40's
I not only found us a way out, but the dungeon had been designed by a student of my mentor Daedalus, so I was able to find a secret door that connected to the rest of the palace, and allowed us to sneak into the king's bed chamber, and steal the maguffin we needed to stop the awakening of the titans.
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