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18th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM in Chunin Exam Arc
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RandomRex6 18th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
At what age in the Aburame clan are you given a huge amount of bugs to live inside you? Or is it always there, transferred in the womb?

Either idea is terrifying, really.

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DeadpanSal 18th Oct 2017, 8:07 AM edit delete reply
Hive you heard the good news about our insect overlords? *buzzing intensifies, assimilation*
ChaosStar0 18th Oct 2017, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
According to fanifcs I've read it's around 7-8 years old.
ChaosStar0 18th Oct 2017, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
According to fanifcs I've read it's around 7-8 years old.
ChaosStar0 18th Oct 2017, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
God damn double clicks.
DragonLizardProductions 18th Oct 2017, 12:46 PM edit delete reply
Well acording to the Fan wiki ( "At birth, members of this clan are offered to several special breed of insects as a nest, residing just under their host's skin. These insects will then live in symbiosis with their host from that point on."
Rastaba 18th Oct 2017, 10:21 PM edit delete reply
There’s your answer. ‘From Birth’. So while not the womb exactly they are introduced to their buddies within the short timeframe after.
DeadpanSal 19th Oct 2017, 4:52 AM edit delete reply
"My baby! He's - he's not breathing!!!"
"Relax ma'am, we know what we're doing. Nurse, give that little kid a good slap." "See there? He's crying now. All good."
"Oh thank god. Now hold his mouth open while I pour in the antlions."
JACK 18th Oct 2017, 1:28 PM edit delete reply
I love the Aburame clan, by design they seem inherently evil, tightly controlled emotions, vampiric insect hives implanted at birth, and yet they're on the hero's side. And have far less controversy around them than other clans do. Making their place in Konoha seem peaceful and happy.
Kitty 18th Oct 2017, 6:09 PM edit delete reply
ok so, I am currently writing a Love Live/Naruto crossover, where the u's land in Konoha showing signs of having chakra, and each clan adopts a girl and teach them their ways

So, Kotori landed in the Aburame clan, and its the most adorable and cute thing ever cause everyone in the clan knows that the other ninja and villagers finds them a little creepy, and they are trying to brace Kotori for when she will get her bugs explaining about how they give their bugs a home and in return the bugs support them, and she's so chill and happy about the whole thing

And suddenly she finds these beetles she really likes and who likes her, and the next day she meets up with her friends and is all like GUYS I'm a momma now, and is showing off all these little baby bugs and Umi is screaming bloody murder cause her girlfriend is a walking bug hive now and what does that mean for their releationship and Maki is freaking out cause THIS SHOULD NOT MEDICALLY BE POSSIBLE, and Rin is just standing there saying it looks really cool but she's glad her new family is giving her a puppy instead

My point here is, the Aburame is a great friggin clan who deserves more love, and writing them is really great
Guest 19th Oct 2017, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Yo were can I find this fanfic amigo?
Kitty 19th Oct 2017, 8:28 AM edit delete reply
Here you go amigo, just be aware that most of the plot is in my head waiting for my procrastinating self to get it down on paper, and I use forever updating, gonna try to do better
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