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31st Jan 2018, 8:00 AM in Chunin Exam Arc
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RandomRex6 31st Jan 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
That first bit of money. Oh, so sweet. And then it's gone immediately.

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rem 1st Feb 2018, 7:31 AM edit delete reply
ah money, if I had a quarter for every time the GM gave my character money and then caused the destruction of whatever I'd spent that money on...
in Shadowrun it was cars. any time any PC bought a car, it would be destroyed before the session was over. Everyone else kept buying them, and I bought a bus pass.

My favorite bit about money tho was when the new GM wasn't giving us any money, one of the other players responded in the Earthdawn game he was running. See in Earthdawn the currency is largely silver based (think 1 silver = $1). Gold coins are worth 10 silver. then there are the elemental coins, which are made of pure fragments of the four elements. Earth and Water pieces are each worth 100 silver. Fire and Air are each worth 1000 silver. Lastly there is Orichalcum which are each worth 10,000 silver, and 160 coins weigh 1 pound.
We found a chest full of Orichalcum that weighed 500 pounds. That was the good news.
the BAD news was that every coin was tainted by a being that fed off of pain and suffering, and anyone who carried one of these coins (outside of the chest) would be tainted by this being, and open to corruption.
so, we had 8,000,000,000 and couldn't spend ANY of it.
AND we had to carry that chest around to keep it out of anyone else's hands.

After that our Shadowrun GM was far more generous with the money.
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