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25th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM in Chunin Exam Arc
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RandomRex6 25th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
When that line becomes razor-thin...

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Siggimondo 26th Mar 2018, 5:31 AM edit delete reply
The adaptation really throws me for a loop sometimes. In a good way.

Sure, take my money. :D
loyalChaos 27th Mar 2018, 1:51 AM edit delete reply
I read three of these types of strips. Darths and Droids, Freindship is Dragons, and, now, yours. Keep up the good work, dude.~

Also, yeah, I did support you on patreon. We cant all be stealing money from taxpayers, now can we?~
Otaku 28th Mar 2018, 7:23 AM edit delete reply
Good on you, loyalChaos.

Oh, and have you given Grandline 3.5 a go? Maybe it isn't to your tastes, but I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I don't read Friendship is Dragons, but I also read Darths & Droids (and obviously this title) so - just maybe - you can add in a fourth strip of this kind (or maybe you've already tried it and didn't like it XD).
loyalChaos 28th Mar 2018, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
I did already try it. ^^ Its okay, but just like the actual series, it is a lot to catch up on, as well as being a bit of a slog. I am sure its great, its just... I dont have that much time on my hands anymore.
Otaku 29th Mar 2018, 11:58 AM edit delete reply
Heh, yeah. I forget I can take more time for such things than most, both due to circumstances and temperment. ^^'
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