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1st Jun 2018, 8:00 AM in Chunin Exam Arc
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RandomRex6 1st Jun 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
The "dual-class" exchange is originally from an unused April Fools strip that would have been based on the Battle Tendency part of Jojo.

For those curious:

Wallace - Joseph
Mal - Caesar
Cathy - Lisa Lisa
Jarrod - Stroheim

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animalia 1st Jun 2018, 10:09 AM edit delete reply
That reminds me. I SERIOUSLY need to get back to work on JoJo’s Bizarre Roleplay, and at least finsh my first arc of the Phantom Blood campaign.
Devlerbat 2nd Jun 2018, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
I have actually played in a game with a player that was playing a halfling that dual classed paladin and rogue. The concept was a paladin that was assigned by his church to steal back things that others had stolen themselves.

This was in second edition were that wasn't technically possible per the rules, but the GM okayed it
Usyra 2nd Jun 2018, 2:07 PM edit delete reply
I started a concept of a rogue/paladin as well, as a covert-ops section of the church, akin to the Iscariots from Hellsing.

...But before I really got far, I picked up a book about builds for monks, and decided to be a street-performing monk. Hip-Hop-Hakido for all!
Otaku 3rd Jun 2018, 8:52 AM edit delete reply
This is why I play systems that don't use character classes?

(Kidding! The idea of two mechanics intentionally opposed either for logic, game balance, or both finding a player who insists on running them together seems to be universal. Finding ones that truly don't work varies from game to game)
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