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7th Oct 2018, 8:00 AM in Invasion of Konoha Arc
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RandomRex6 7th Oct 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
Sometimes filler is actually helpful! Isn't that weird?

If someone did a DBZ campaign comic (after they got past the pre-Z stuff) would you still want to include stuff like Princess Snake?

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Otaku 7th Oct 2018, 8:53 AM edit delete reply
I hate to seem lazy, but I think Team Four Star set the gold standard for how to handle such things:

If you've got a good story from the filler, either directly or based on what you can make of it, you use it. If not, it is best to skip it or only include enough of it to make a quick joke.

Another question for a DBZ screen cap comic is whether or not you start with Dragon Ball or not. I really loved Dragon Ball myself, and I didn't discover it until after DBZ.

Though, I suppose the biggest issue is how do you make that a campaign comic? Is the joke that one player, or possibly a GMPC, is so ridiculously powerful and almost everyone else tries and fails to keep up?


Actually, I guess that really would work, especially starting with Z. Oh, the entire point could be that the one player actually trying to role-play a simple, country bumpkin obsessed with martial arts in a sci-fi setting with guns and capsule technology that would allow you to carry a tank around...

...ends up being the one who is ridiculously min-maxed while everyone else trying to min-maxed is hamstrung by reading the situations wrong and finding out that no matter how goofy, the GM will make them act out their Flaws! GURPS has a thing where you can set aside Character Points (what you use to build your character) to buy an unknown Advantage. It also has the same thing, but where you get a Disadvantage the GM knows but you don't. The two together would be perfect to explain Goku!

I could totally see the same person design Bulma, then have most subsequent characters be "Bulma related" before ultimately taking over Vegeta (with the GM's permission). Perhaps the challenge would even be to flesh out Vegeta via role-playing, explaining why he finally starts to get characterization later on...
Foolish 9th Oct 2018, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
As a huge DBZ fan, I would so do a Campaign (or at least a short filler arc when you next go on break)

To answer your question, maybe. Maybe because the other players are going to be bored out of their asses that they "train" while Goku gets to fool around with Snake. Women.

Anybody who tackles a DBZ campaign is going to need to be clever. The main series even for a shonen is so all about Goku and Saiyans you'd need to utilize more than just the anime if you want something else beyond Saiyan bias to counter that. You're probably going to have to grab the movies. You're probably going to have to grab cut scenes from videogames. And you'll need to plan this out from the beginning, in my honest opinion
rem 9th Oct 2018, 8:40 PM edit delete reply
as a DBZ fan, yeah, I'd include all the snakeway stuff, complete with the snake woman and HIFL, sure calling it hell is more accurate to the original, but calling it the Home For Infinite Losers gives it a throwback to the original series when it was just a fun romp around the world.
An unrelated thought I had the other day, if they ever did a live action version of the Cell Games, I would love to see the Rock as Mr. Satan, but I think Mick Foley would be better IMO.
Deez Rodenutz 18th Oct 2018, 11:00 AM edit delete reply
Real shame we don't still have Macho Man Randy Savage....
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