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21st Jun 2015, 8:00 AM in Zabuza Arc
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RandomRex6 21st Jun 2015, 8:00 AM edit delete
Eventually, a player's going to get mad. Be ready to run damage control, or the game may die.

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Otaku 21st Jun 2015, 1:38 PM edit delete reply
A good word of advice and a potentially interesting way for the story to unfold; the players either periodically leaving or at least switching out characters at times could explain a lot, including a former PC returning as an NPC only perhaps to eventually be returned to said PC... or something like that. ;)

More generic... yeah, good advice. Players are people and sometimes we get mad over stupid things and sometimes something happens where anger really is the appropriate response. A bit of both was when our GM set up a fake TPK as a plot element. You can understand why a player that realizes what was happening, especially as his or her character died would freak out, but not only did one of our group get angry but he started mutilating his character sheet (we always saved character sheets of the dead for future reference). He might have done this even after he knew the GM was collecting character sheets for the fallen (dead give away that something was up).

More relevant I think is when a player finds out they did something to "hurt" either his or herself, his or her character or the collective party but someone else didn't simply by asking or appealing to the GM. For example if the plot calls for one character to be stronger than the rest and Player 1 assumes that said character will be an NPC/GMPC while Player 2 asks if they can run "that guy"... and the GM agrees. I'm guessing in this case it might be because of what we all know from actual Naruto - what Sasuke's player assumed was his character's niche is going to be a little more crowded than expected. ;)
emmerlaus 21st Jun 2015, 11:46 PM edit delete reply
I had a Catfolk that was a rogue. I was being harassed by the wizard who was using OOC knowledge to harass my rogue and to revenge himself when he was con (I kept a magic amulet when he asked him to put back the money in a wild elf chest. He didnt know their was a amulet. I told my friend beside me a minute later what I did... and he asked me now if I putted everything back or not.

I snapped. I told him that he dont believe his own eyes, that he is a stuck-up, untrusting and YELLED at the table... to finish he tell him that in his birth language, which he dont speak.

He shut up after that. I rarely get angry during roleplay and prefer to talk about our issues... but that guy didnt take the hint and he was blocking even the good deeds I did.
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