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28th Aug 2019, 8:00 AM in Invasion of Konoha Arc
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RandomRex6 28th Aug 2019, 8:00 AM edit delete
Story time! What's the most ridiculous example of something not dealing damage you've ever seen?

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Otaku 28th Aug 2019, 5:36 PM edit delete reply
Non-D&D game, though the setting was still pseudo-medieval/fantasy but with no magic. There was a trait meant for human characters to take less damage from injury. "Toughness" only soaked one point of damage, and Toughness Lv2 soaked two points. The rules didn't intend for it to be given to an Ogre that already had the equivalent of three levels, naturally. So a total of five!

Our heaviest hitter rolled like 1d6+1 or 1d6+2 for damage. Most of us were rolling more like 1d6, maybe even 1d6-1. The result was a near TPK; we lucked out that we did just enough damage the ogre passed out from accumulated injuries and bloodloss while chasing down the last party member!
Silentgod 28th Aug 2019, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
In the Tower game I mentioned a few times, me and my team were helping fight a three headed dragon that escaped from a mini tower. (Yes, it was a tower within a tower. Also I say mini in comparison to main tower. It was easily thousands of meters tall.) When all of a sudden a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and one shot the mini tower. Crumbling it and forcing us, except for the only member who can fly since our summons got shut down this floor, to retreat.

After watching our flying teammate try to negotiate with the three headed dragon into becoming their pet, me and other teammate decided to check ruined Tower. We were hoping the owner was still there and could help us because she was OP as all hell.

Instead, we found another player who had fallen asleep because they were AFK. And they were unharmed. What was more, they didn't even get notified that they had tower collapsed on them. And were just as surprised as my teammate and I at how he managed to no sell the Tower collapsing without any prep.

Oh and the lightning turned out to come from another player who rage quit on solving the puzzle of entering Tower. And yes flying teammate (Theta) did get the dragon but due to technicalities, it lost two of its heads. Probably died of blood loss actually, I need to check.
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