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15th Jul 2015, 8:00 AM in Zabuza Arc
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RandomRex6 15th Jul 2015, 8:00 AM edit delete
In the time it took for the next turn to come around, I feel I should give credit where it's due. Our Monk went all in. Duke Harris was kicking the snot out of him, but he didn't give up. He used everything he had to make sure that undead nightmare went down. He got reduced to zero HP and was desperately making his saving throws, and the moment he did, he unleashed this 1-2-3 punch that practically blew the guy away. It didn't work, and the Duke went back on the attack, but major props for trying. Our Swordsman (the Fighter) was burning to death, and the Barbarian wasn't far from dying either. But now, I unleashed my strategy.

Part 8/9

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(Points for anyone who gets the "Liquisphere" reference)
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Raxon 15th Jul 2015, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
Oh, I get the liquisphere reference. I had no idea you were into that sort of thing.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, google waterballooning.
RandomRex6 15th Jul 2015, 3:56 PM edit delete reply
Hardy har, Raxon.
Raxon 16th Jul 2015, 12:55 AM edit delete reply
After having actually googled it myself, don't. I was thinking of a completely different sexy times activity, actually involving water balloons.
Grand Silver 17th Jul 2015, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
That actually just makes me wonder what your talking about even more!
Raxon 17th Jul 2015, 4:32 AM edit delete reply
It involves water balloons, a spiky ring, and more than a little screaming. Use your imagination. Wink wink.
Enyalius 17th Jul 2015, 11:45 PM edit delete reply
Wow... Something that actually gives Raxon pause... I'd investigate myself but genre savyness and common sense is screaming at me that it's a bad idea, kinda like messing with whatever scares the joker or makes deadpool be serious.

So for the sake of my sanity, I'll take your word for it and leave it alone.
Ggg 6th Aug 2017, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
I won't because I am out of material to torment people with
Ggg 6th Aug 2017, 9:37 PM edit delete reply
Holy fucking shit never mind that's disgusting
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