April Fools 2020

1st Apr 2020, 8:00 AM in Invasion of Konoha Arc
April Fools 2020
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RandomRex6 1st Apr 2020, 8:00 AM edit delete
Yeah, the Wishes and Witches campaign has gotten out of hand. Check back tomorrow, we'll see if we can get things back under control.

Updates Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
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Arcict 1st Apr 2020, 2:01 PM edit delete reply
What anime(s) do these panels come from?

Panel 6 looks cute.
Arimius 1st Apr 2020, 2:16 PM edit delete reply
Puella Magi Modoka Magika, otherwise known as "why a bunch of kids now likely need therapy" because it billed itself as typical cutesy magical girl, then took an almost immediate 180 degree turn into "super grim-dark" style shenanigans while keeping that same art style. It was insanely screwed up, and "inspired" many others to do a similar "[x] generic anime concept but horribly dark"
Arimius 1st Apr 2020, 2:22 PM edit delete reply
From what I've been told, all the advertising for it was cut to make it look fairly typical for a magical girl show as well, so its debut ranks right up there in the "terrible decisions" category with the fact that Grave of the Fireflies was originally shown as a double feature with My Neighbor Totoro (for those unaware, Totoro is a Miyazaki film about two young girls having adventurous magical outings with a weird rabbit-bear creature named totoro, while Grave of the Fireflies is all about a kid's short life story after he and his sister lose everything in WWII bombings, including their parents, and literally starts with a scene of them starving to death before going back to show how they got there)
KefkaesqueXIII 1st Apr 2020, 3:04 PM edit delete reply
You're overselling how "grimdark" Madoka Magica is (being grimdark is typically considered more the failing of its imitators), but you're right that they did their best to hide the genre swerve right up until it happened.
loyalChaos 7th Apr 2020, 9:33 PM edit delete reply
G-grimdark... a failing?

You are all just uncultured swine! Good grimdark can enhance story! As long as its done right. Warhammer 40k, Call of Cthulu, a good portion of the Noire genre, these take the core concept of absolute hopelessness to make the triumph of the characters sweeter and more meaningful.

In which case I believe the term you are looking for is 'grimderp'. Or I suppose 'shit' might suffice. Badly done grimdark is just badly done storytelling.
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