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5th Aug 2015, 8:00 AM in Zabuza Arc
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RandomRex6 5th Aug 2015, 8:00 AM edit delete
I'm torn.

We're coming up on the halfway point of the Zabuza Arc, and part of me says I need to take a break or hit burnout. But I'm not sure if I can. So here's my question: Would anyone like to submit guest comics, or is it too soon since we're only halfway through the arc? Fair warning, the Zabuza Arc will last roughly another 100 pages. Please answer in the comments below. If there's positive enough reception, I'll open up the option.

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Foolish 5th Aug 2015, 8:32 AM edit delete reply
Definitely my number one favorite moment in the series. I like Naruto overall, but sometimes I wish it was less story arcs, and more fighting ninjas with crazy plans like this.
IsaiahOmega 5th Aug 2015, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
I agree and its why this and the pain arc are my personal favorites
Snowtwo 5th Aug 2015, 11:09 AM edit delete reply
If I was ever a GM I would be certain to reward creative and out-of-the-box thinking like this. I REALLY hate it when a players response is to just 'slug it out'.
Foolish 5th Aug 2015, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
But I get the distinct feeling this GM's ego will be too bruised to be pleased by this out of box thinking...
TheManNowDog 5th Aug 2015, 12:34 PM edit delete reply
If you need to take a break, take a break. I'd rather have no or guest comics for a while than have you burn out on the series entirely.
Tatsurou 5th Aug 2015, 3:17 PM edit delete reply
If you need a break, take it.
Warlach572 5th Aug 2015, 7:15 PM edit delete reply
Trust me, it's better to take a scheduled break than burn yourself out on this.

Take a rest man, you've earned it.
Raxon 5th Aug 2015, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
If you need a break, dude, take it.
The Nameless 6th Aug 2015, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
Perhaps Raxon could do a Guest Comic?
Darkening 6th Aug 2015, 12:49 AM edit delete reply
Dude. Dude. That's a bad idea. The author would go on break for a week, and raxxon would post up his guest comics, and he'd come back to find his entire readership dead from ODing on brain bleach after seeing what raxxon wrought
Grand Silver 6th Aug 2015, 10:18 PM edit delete reply
I think I could handle it.
Raxon 7th Aug 2015, 1:04 AM edit delete reply
If I wasn't restricted to my phone, I would gladly make guest comics. I even have the perfect arc. Curry of life.
Kira 5th Aug 2015, 10:18 PM edit delete reply
SUFFER ETERNALLY FOR MY ENTERTAINMENT no but seriously take a break if you need just don't leave to too long or you lose the drive to update.
Keirgo 6th Aug 2015, 4:20 AM edit delete reply
I'm not entirely certain how this pacing works in terms of a role-playing game. Generally the GM is not the adversary, but the Judge. Existing equally to move the villains and facilitate the heroes. Revealing that Naruto transformed into the Shuriken AFTER it's thrown works in the original narrative, but in an RPG it would just sound like trying to ret-con things into your favour; since you have to announce plans and roll for success before doing them.
Guest 6th Aug 2015, 6:20 AM edit delete reply
Taking actions without the GM knowing is possible. Sealed envelopes and face down notes are a thing, and you can always retroactively roll dice for it.
Solokov 6th Aug 2015, 4:43 PM edit delete reply
It really depends on what the rules of the game are set up as.

though to be honest it seems more like the DM is having a freakout over the skill he took and not how he used it in this case.

Also I mean RR, if you need to take a break take a break. I'd be willing to try my hand at guest comics, though I'd be blatantly advertising for my story blog... and I have no plans for any kind of actual plot or comic...
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